Copywriting Best Practices

In this short article I am covering 3 basic chapters of best practices you can use for your copywriting efforts.
Let’s start!


1. Think before you write

The best copywriting practice is (and always will be) asking yourself these questions before you start writing:

Do you know your customer?
Do you know his needs, concerns, and what is important for him?
Do you really know your product/service?
Do you know all the advantages?
Are you aware of any weak points?
Do you know what sets you apart from your competition?


After you have answers, you are good to go.
Otherwise don’t write, it’s a waste of time, for you and most important – for your readers.


2. Attract your customer by knowing his problem and offering a solution

The second best practice of copywriting is to attract your customer using all the knowledge from the previous point:

You got only 5 seconds to attract your customer.
What matters?
What is most important for him?
That’s how you start.
What problem is the customer trying to solve?
Describe it.
Create the impression you understand your customer.
And offer a solution.


If you don’t know the customer’s problem, you are in trouble. Find one and solve it.
You can be a faster solution, cheaper, etc..
That’s how to differentiate yourself from the competition.


3. Close the customer

The last copywriting practice is to close the deal!
You made your case in the previous point, now let’s finish it:

Describe benefits.
How are you gonna improve the life of customers?
Write in a way, that customers will imagine their life with your product or service.
Always be honest. That’s crucial.
If your product/service has flaws, don’t hide it. Talk about it.
Answer all the possible questions a customer might have.
Imagine all the obstacles and resolve them using strong arguments.


What next?

I just covered the three most important copywriting practices.
I hope it helps!
You can always contact me and I will create a killer copy for you!


Jakub Pajer