My name is Jakub Pajer and I have more than 10 years of digital marketing experience. I will be happy to help you with your online advertising. I can boost your SEO and PPC performance.

Call me today and get a free consultation! I can check your ads and tell you how to improve your advertising efforts.

10+ years of experience

I work as digital marketer for more than 10 years. I am skilled at SEO and PPC. And I have experience with social media ads.

Very low prices

You can always rely on one fact - my hourly rate is great! You will save a lot of money working with me. It!'s better than choosing an agency.

Creativity and logical thinking

I am an artist. I put a lot of efforts to create great ads with amazing results. However I also use logic to run and optimize campaigns.

Increase performance of your campaigns with my proven plan

Is your advertising effective? Are you waking up at night with terrors that you are actually losing money, you have invested? Is your marketing guy not skillled enough? Doesn't he even understand ROI or ROAS?

Hire me! I am not gonna tell you that I am the best pick. I am not even gonna lie that I am the cheapest guy out there to do the job. I bet you will find someone with lower fees. But are you really gonna experiment with that cheaper guy? Do you know how many years it takes to master all the advertising & analytical tools? It's all about you. It's your business. You fought hard to make money. You bled for it. Why would you choose someone without enough experience? It's never a good idea.

Look, I know how you feel. You don't understand the advertising. But you don't have to. All that matters at the end of the day is how much money you made. And that's why you can trust me to do the job. Contact me today and get a free consultation. Time is money. Contact me today and get a free consultation. Don't spend it on ineffective ads.

Search Engine Optimization

Get more customers from organic search results.

PPC advertising

Start increasing your revenue from search engine ads.

6 Reasons why I'm good at what I do

  • I am running campaigns without mistakes
  • I analyze data -> Learn the lesson -> optimize the ads
  • I am focused on return of your investment
  • I will send you an easy to understand report every week
  • I always inform you about what I do with your ads (I record all the activities)
  • I understand how to use various tools to increase conversion rate


"Based on our previous experience in I took Jakub to the team that was responsible for the project Česká He successfully set and optimized all marketing activities."
Martin Březina
"I recommend Jakub for his knowledge in management and online marketing. Our cooperation was very inspiring."
Jiří Vojáček
"Jakub is very reliable and its a pleasure to work with him."
Jan Holoubek

Put your efforts into advertising with provable results

I will create a campaign for your needs and goals. If you already have one, I am gonna look for ways to boost it. Call me today and get a free consultation.

Top References

You're not just another customer for me. You will get a full service and my attention for a great price. Call me today and get a free consultation.