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Get to know me and my experience with marketing.

I started working in marketing during my time at the 3rd (by then) biggest Czech internet company back in 2007, while still studying. I understood very quickly that I would dedicate my entire career to it. It was fun. And it quickly became my hobby.

In 2010 I had a chance to be a part of very interesting startup ČESKÁ POZICE, news media for investors and basically peoplee with higher education and income. After only 6 months under my guidance we achieved our goals with traffic. It was amazing to see it grow so fast.

I have been working as a freelancer since 2012. I wanted to try looking for clients by myself and create my own portfolio. In those years, I devoted myself to several permanent clients.

In 2018, I received an offer to work for one of the largest manufacturers of cash registers - the company Dotykačka ČR s.r.o., which was the first to start B2B sales of the cash registers via the e-shop.

I am currently freelancing again. I limited my activities to copywriting. I write texts for everything - websites, advertisements, printed materials.

In my free time, I work out, invest in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, work on a book, and occasionally write a poem.

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