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Copywriting always fascinated me so I dedicated a lot of time to study it. I learned from the biggest names in industry. These guys could sell anything to anyone. And even after only 10 years of copywriting experience, I understand the game in and out. So you can expect that my content will give you sales boost.

Customers might come, but that doesn't mean they will buy your product or service. They will check out your offer and most of them will leave. That's a fact. Just check your data. What's your conversion rate? 2%? 3%? In other words, from each hundred of visitors only 3 people buy. What about the remaining 97? Why they did not convert?

You will lose most of your potential customers

Because you did not convince them. Your content was simply not enough for them to pay they hard earned money for whatever you're selling. They will go to your competitor's website and spend their money there. And you will lose them forever. They won't come back. No matter how much money and effort you put in SEO or PPC. Your conversion rate will stay the same. 97 people from each hundred will always go away to your competitor's website.

You just need better content

What to do about it? Well, you need better content. You need skilled copywriter. And that's me. I cover copywriting in my digital marketing efforts for more than 10 years already. 8 years for SEO and PPC, 2+ years for social media ads and conversion rate optimization. I always wrote my own content. And I had a chance to work on dozens of projects. I learned from the best names in the business. Sugerman, Caples, Ogilvy... And I found that secret formula for success.

Why you should put your trust in me?

I never give up. I never quit. The truth is that nobody really has a 100% sucess rate. It's like anything else in digital marketing. You experiment. You try new things and you measure the results. You analyze the impact on sales. And you improve. Learn your lesson. Get better. And in the end of this process I always get what you want = more customers = bigger revenue.

I will be honest. I had really challenging, difficult projects too. But I always accomplished the mission. Do you know why? That's right, becauce I never give up.


Immediately. This is, after all, digital space. Already afer first hundred of relevant visitors reading improved content I can tell you if it's gonna rock your sales results or where are weak spots. There's always something to improve. We take data, analyze it and further work on content to boost the sales performance. You can expect up to 3 months to get your investment back. Sounds fair?


Again - I will be honest. What if there are no results or weaker than expected? Even for these situations there is always a solution. We're gonna install some analytical tools, especially those, that help you understand the behavior of your visitors. We can also run a survey to find the source of problem. I will analyze all data and come up with a solution. And I guarantee you will see the results too.

 Do you have questions?

Anything else you want to know? Are you interested in details? Send me email. You can reach me at I prefer if you call me. My number is 607 830 463 .

My hourly rate is 50 USD!

You won't find cheaper guy with so much of experience

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