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Are you looking for a way to boost your sales? Do you have a new website and you're not getting traffic from organic search results? Get more relevant visits and convert them to customers with PPC ads in search engine results.

Get your investment back in less than 3 months thanks to PPC

I am a senior PPC specialist. I have 8+ years of experience. It was a hell ride for me. Nobody taught me anything. I did all by myself. I learned it, mastered it, tried everything I could and came back with results. It makes me special. I look at your ads different way that a traditional advertising agency.

I set my success at copywriting - creating highly profitable ads. Later I added perfect understanding of every tool that is being used in PPC. Results? More customers. Better revenue. Less costs. And if someone is not your customer yet, we will launch remarketing and give them those ads so often they will eventually "give up" and become customers too.

I will tell you a little secret

I will be honest now. I love PPC. It's my hobby. If you ever look for PPC guy, who's gonna be in charge of you website, this is the spirit you're looking for. This is the kind of guy who wakes up earlier to do the analysis in Google Analytics and works that extra hour, because he likes it.

My girlfriend hates me sometimes because of it, but that's just how the world works, right? Man wants to be successfull in what he does and he's willing to sacrifice something for it. And his girlfriend will eventually forgive him. That's why they build flower shops. Also cooking sometimes and doing masasage helps.

You don't know me, but it's not a problem

You don't know me. So naturally you don't trust me and you don't want me to take care of your project. OK, I got it. That's why we have testimonials. Pick up a phone and call to those companies, where I did PPC. Ask them about me. I guarantee you will not hear a bad word about me.

I am not afraid of campaigns with bigger budget

I did websites/e-commerce projects with big budgets, even more that 50 000 USD a month. I experimented with different types of campaigns and optimized the PPC accounts according to gathered data. I work with ROAS as ROI metric. I was able to get to ROAS 400% - 500% for the account. At start it's lower of course, I try diferent methods and after I gather and analyze data, I pause everything that is not working and dedicate efforts towards what works.

Maybe you're looking for someone cheaper

If you're looking for someone cheaper to do PPC for you, you will of course find him or her but don't be surprised if they fail. Don't be angry that your investment won't return. That's exactly what's gonna happen. It's your business. You're the boss. Wouldn't it be wiser to hire a more experienced PPC person? And my hourly rate is only 50 USD. If you would look for an agency, you can expect 100 USD. And that's still considered low for agency.

You don't understand it, but that's not an obstacle

You don't understand PPC? No problem. Every week you will get and easy to understand report. You will always know, how much money you made thanks to my work. You don't need university degree for that. All you need is a calc and compare costs with earnings. That's what you're after, right? The mere fact that I increase your traffic is great, but at the end of the day it's all about money. That's the most important thing. Did PPC bring more money? And with me in charge of your project, it will bring more.

Maybe you want to do PPC by yourself

I admire you. I spent literally thousands of hours during my career by studying PPC. I sometimes even dedicated all my free time to study and improve. And I worked during weekends. If you have that much time and you can afford it, then go ahead! But it has a catch. Even if you learn the theory, that's nothing compared to real world application of PPC. What you need is experience with real websites, so you will learn to use various analytical tools to optimize and further imporove your work. Are you willing to take that risk with your own business? Is that a smart decision? What if you fail? Can you afford to fail?

Do you want to know, when you can expect to see results of my work?

Immediately. That's the biggest advantage of PPC ads. Since first one hundred of visitors I can analyze the quality of your website / e-commerce store and identify obstacles. We will work on that to increase the effect of PPC. You can expect to get your investment back in less than 3 months.

What if there are no results?

Honesty first. I experienced some very difficult projects, where it wasn't a smooth ride. What if that's gonna happen to you? No problem. There's a solution even for that. We're gonna install some analytical tools, especially those, that help you understand the behavior of your visitors. We can also run a survey to find the source of problem. I will analyze all data and come up with a solution. And I guarantee you will see the results too.

Do you have questions?

Anything else you want to know? Are you interested in details? Call me anytime. My number is + 420 607 830 463. Or send me email. You can reach me at jakub.pajer@gmail.com.

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My hourly rate is only 50 USD!

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