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Are you interested in having more customers? Of course you are! But do you know how to expand with low cost solution? Search engine is the best pick. People who are searching for services you offer are already closed. They want what you have. You just have to convince them you're the best at what you do.

Get your investment back in less than 3 months thanks to smart PPC advertising

I had an opportunity to create and optimize dozens of campaigns. What did I learn? You need great ads (headlines, descriptions, images) and you need to keep your expenses low. Google is a great engine with amazing PPC system, but if you don't have enough experience, you will pay a lot....even for a click. And as you might know, click is not a visit. And visit is not a customer (yet).

So how do you convince people to become customers?

Everything starts with ads. You need high quality texts that convince enough people to click. And you need to keep your costs low, so it won't ruin you. If your website is good, there's nothing in between that would make visitor leave. They will simply buy from you, call you, write you, they will do business with you. Perhaps they will need some time to think it over and that's why we have remarketing (targeting people who already were on your website).

Is it really that simple?

No, it's not. You need dedicated specialist who spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours studying and playing with PPC campaigns. You need a guy who is so good at what he does, that he can keep his girlfriend happy despite the fact that he sometimes works 7 days in a week, 8 - 10 hours per day. And that is of course very challenging task!

You don't understand it, but that's not a problem

You don't understand PPC? No problem. Every week you will get and easy to understand report. You will always know, how much money you made thanks to my work. You don't need university degree for that. All you need is a calc and compare costs with earnings. That's what you're after, right? The mere fact that I increase your traffic is great, but at the end of the day it's all about money. That's the most important thing. Did PPC bring more money? And with me in charge of your project, it will.

Do you want to know, when you can expect to see results of my work?

Give it a month at least. I need time and data to analyze what works best for you. After that you can expect to get your investment back in less than 3 months. If it takes more time, I will shave my head and send you the picture!


 Do you have questions?

Anything else you want to know? Are you interested in details? Send me email. You can reach me at info@jakubpajer.cz. I prefer if you call me. My number is 607 830 463 . info@jakubpajer.cz.

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