Promote your NFT

Promote your NFT

Find out how to promote your NFT. Get a clear plan how to attract potential buyers for your art 🤑. Great promotions on Twitter 👍.

Promote your NFT

I know you struggle. You follow people and you hope you will find the right person. The one single person that will buy your art. Well, good luck with that. There's thousands of people who create NFT every day. From my experience, about 20% are really talented. And guess what? They struggle too. Why? Keep reading.

You're not getting exposure

It's really simple. You need your tweet to get in front of the right eyes. When you target the right people, who are interested in collecting or at least supporting good art, you will significantly increase chances that you find your buyer. And after couple of sales, the whole nightmare becomes...less nightmarish. You will have regulars who support you and buy from you.

How to get the exposure

As I mentioned, you need right eyes. For that, you need to find social influencers. These accounts have thousands of followers who are gonna listen and retweet your work, because they believe that the influencer is pushing good art. How do you think buyers find new talents? That's right! By scanning what social influencers are sharing on Twitter!

Wait a sec, that costs money!

Yes, influencers expect to get paid. But that does not mean they will retweet every sh*t they get served on a golden plate. Why? Because then they would lose the authority of followers. They might even lose some of their audience for posting low quality art.

How much money does promotion cost?

You will pay $100 for retweet from one chosen social influencer.

How does NFT promotion work?

I will prepare tweet you want to promote (together with you), I will choose the right item / collection (together with you), I will advice on price you should set (perhaps we can do auction) and after all work is done, you will post your tweet and I will make sure the chosen social influencers retweets to his/her followers. After that you will pay for the service.

What can I expect from NFT promotion?

Your tweet will have thousands of views. You will get likes, retweets, comments. You can engage and get into conversation with potential buyers. All of that only for $100.

How can I pay for promo?

I accept crypto. You can send me Bitcoin, Ether, BNB, bUSD..... I have all the wallets. I know that gas fees of Ethereum are usually high, so I always recommend to my clients to use BSC (Binance smart chain) to pay me.

What to do now?

As I mentioned, influencers will not blindly retweet everything. So first step would be that I take a look at your work. If you pass my test, we can come up with promotion plan right for you.

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