Promote your NFT

Promote your NFT

Find out how to promote your NFT. Get a clear plan how to attract potential buyers for your art 🤑. Great promotions on Twitter and Discord 👍.

Promote your NFT

I know you struggle. You follow people and you hope you will find the right person. The one single person that will buy your art. Well, good luck with that. There are thousands of people who create NFT every day. From my experience, only about 10% are really talented. And guess what? They struggle too. Why? Keep reading.

You just don't understand it

It might be difficult to hear it, but creating amazing NFT collection is not the whole job. You need exposure. Good website to introduce your collection, thousands of followers on Twitter and hundreds of online members on Discord server. Why? Because every potential investor is looking at this. Only after they get the feeling that everything is right, they will actually buy your art / mint your NFT.

So what do you need to succeed in NFT promotion

You need your own website on your own (bought) domain. That's the absolute minimum. You will send people from socials and other sources to your website to get more followers on socials, more Discord members, perhaps whitelist applicants (if you want to get people whitelisted).

You need Discord server. Even though it was originally designed for gamers, Discord has become also the absolute minimum for every good NFT project. You have to attract new members, keep them online and grow your Discord.

You need Twitter account. Twitter is (according to my experience) the best place for NFT promotion. There are thousands of people, who will follow you and hundreds who will buy / mint, if you convince them that your collection is gonna make it in the wild NFT space.

It's gonna be tough

I am not gonna lie to you. I did 3 projects already. I have seen it all. The pain and sweat. Countless hours working on strategy, pushing art, working on building community, seeing your budget for promotion getting smaller and smaller with each paid influencer... It really is tough. And if you don't have experience with NFT promotion, you are most likely going to fail.

How much does promotion cost?

First of all, not all NFT promotion must be paid. I created some of the pretty neat ways how to get exposure for free.

And about paid promotion, it really depends on the social influencer. Some have really huge amount of followers and they charge $200 for simple tweet. I work regularly with them and I know their prices. The problem with influencers is that some are way too expensive, so you have to negotiate. And if you don't know the space, they're gonna rip you off. Most likely. Because they can.

What can you expect from NFT promotion?

You will get more followers and Discord members. That is gonna increase the value of your NFT collection. You're gonna sell it all. And then you can party all week to celebrate your success!

What can I do for you

There are many ways we can work together. First of all, I can tell you if your website is good. If your analytical tools are set up correctly. If your plan is right. I can create strategy for you. I can even execute that strategy, work each day on those NFT marketing goals with you, your team, your community.

What do I want for my services?

Actually this is the interesting part. I always choose only projects that are gonna make it. After couple of months in NFT space I developed the sixth sense. No, I am not seeing dead people. I am seeing money to be made on NFT. I can tell you if you have potential. And if you do have potential, I will work for you.

And what do I want? I usually ask for weekly fee and revenue share. We can negotiate the actual amount of %, but I usually accept 10% of revenue share. If you think I am asking a lot, try others. You will be shocked.

What to do now?

DM me on Twitter, send email or call me:
+420 607 830 463

But don't hesitate too much, there are many projects right now, NFT is booming and you could miss on a big opportunity.

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