SEO help

Do you have a completely new website and you're starting from the scratch? Or you already have a website and you're not satisfied with the performance? You need SEO help.

SEO help

Are you looking for SEO help? I have a great news for you. There are skilled freelancers who have mastered the knowledge of SEO and they are willing to help you get more sales for a price you can afford. I am one of them. My hourly rate is 50 USD. Sounds good? Call me today and get a free consultation.

Why you should choose me as your SEO help?

I understand what your customers want. I understand how your customers think. I know what keywords they search for when they want to find the product or service you offer. I know SEO in and out. I can guarantee you will see return of investment in less than 3 months. OK, I might sound superhuman now. No, I ain't no SEO wizard. I'm just another excited digital marketer who loves to see your company suceed. I want to get you more sales. I want to increase your revenue. That's why you should hire me. Sounds fair? Call me today and get SEO help.

What sets me apart from other SEO specialists

It's not just about knowledge. Your business needs someone who has experience. You need the guy, who worked on real websites and e-commerce stores. You need the guy, who knows exactly how to gather data, analyze them, learn the lesson and improve the website. And you need someone who has time. Because time is money. It's not just about one-time optimization. You need a dedicated professional, who will analyze data every month and keep working on your website. I can give you all of that and much more for only 50 USD per hour. If you would hire SEO agency, it's gonna cost you twice that much and you won't see much better results. I saw their work. Many times. I know the game. For them, you're just another number. For me, you're a business partner. We're in this together. Let's get you more sales! Call me today and get SEO help.

How much it's gonna cost

You have a website. It can be company website or e-commerce store. At first, you need SEO audit. I will take a look at your data and tell you where are weak spots. It usually takes up to 5 hours to finish the audit and it costs about 250 USD. Then I will optimize the website according to what I found in SEO audit. It usually takes up to 10 hours and it costs about 500 USD. After that we will monitor your SEO performance every month and keep working on website. I will improve content and create backlinks for you. That's up to 5 hours of my time every month. It costs 250 USD. I usually recommend 6 months of cooperation, but I guarantee you will see return of your investment in 3 months.

Let's do some math to figure out how much SEO help is gonna cost. 250 USD + 500 USD + (3x250 USD) = 1500 USD. You won't pay more than that. And even if your project is incredibly challenging (I experienced some of these too), I can get you at least 4500 USD in sales. How do I know that? It's ROAS 300%. And I usually do way better. I just don't want to sound too good to be true. Is ROAS 300% good result for you? Call me today and get a free consultation.

My hourly rate is only 50 USD!

You won't find cheaper guy with so much of experience

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