SEO leads

SEO leads

SEO leads. Get high-quality relevant visitors from search engines and convert them to new customers. Would you like to know more about ROI? Keep reading.

SEO leads

Have you ever wondered how does it feel like to have a successful online business? It might be a reason why you're visiting my website. The fact is I helped dozens of entrepreneurs to boost their sales and see a great results in just a couple of months. I can do the same for you. Get you those SEO leads. Are you in? Let's dive into the amazing world of SEO.

What I can do for you

Whether you have a brand new website or and existing one, you propably know by this time that you need to get relevant traffic from search engines. People look for products and services you offer every day. That means that you could have new customers every day. But you're not getting them, right? SEO leads, that's what you need. And I can deliver. I spent 10 years learning and mastering SEO. What have I learned? Never give up on your efforts. Always understand your customer. Bring them on your website, have a good clean design and convert them. Get them to spend their hard earned money on your website. Sounds easy, right? Well how come so many companies do it wrong? They picked the wrong guy to do the job. There is a lot of charlatans who read few articles about SEO and they think they can take the world. That's why this whole business got so complicated. It takes trust.

So why you should trust me?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jakub Pajer and I have 10+ years of digital marketing experience. I worked on dozens of projects. I was able to deliver on my promises. You're looking for a guy you can trust. You're in need of somebody who can get up from bed one hour earlier to study gathered data about your website traffic. Who can take that one extra hour later in the evening to write you an email with summary of what he did to get you more sales. The communication is the key. I understand you don't have time to learn SEO. It took thousands of hours for me during those 10 years, so trust me, I do understand. But that's why I'm here. For me you're not just another client. You're my business partner. I want you to suceed. I want you to get more customers. It's great feeling when you can accomplish that. And I do.

What sets me apart from other SEO specialists?

Experience and price. Let's say you don't know anything about SEO and how to get SEO leads. First thing you're gonna see are ads from SEO agencies. Do not respond. They cost you at least 100 USD per hour. And that's still considered low price. Yes, they deliver on their promises, but who wants to spend thousands of dollars? Nobody. Not even you. Even though I have a lot of experience with building successful projects (company websites and e-commerce stores too), I still keep my hourly rate low. It's because of one and only thing. I get many offers. I choose only few. I like to work on interesting projects. Your project might be the one. Are you ready to do the next thing? Call me today and get a free consultation. I will get you those SEO leads.

How much does it cost?

Let's talk business. You have a website. It can be company website or e-commerce store. I did both numerous times and had been successful. At first, you need SEO audit. I will take a look at your data and tell you where are weak spots. It usually takes up to 5 hours of my time to finish the audit and it costs about 250 USD. Then we will optimize the website according to my findings. It usually takes up to 10 hours of my time and it costs about 500 USD. After that we will monitor your SEO performance every month and keep working on website. I can improve content or create some backlinks for you. That's up to 5 hours of my time every month. It costs 250 USD. I usually recommend 6 months of cooperation, but I guarantee you will see return of your investment in less than 3 months.

Let's do some math to figure out how much money it's gonna cost to get you those SEO leads. 250 USD + 500 USD + (3x250 USD) = 1500 USD. You won't pay more than that. And even if your project is very challenging, I can get you at least 4500 USD in sales. How do I know that? It's ROAS 300%. And I usually do way better. I just don't want to sound too good to be true. Is ROAS 300% good result for you? Call me today and get a free consultation. I am sure we can find time in my schedule.

What to do next?

Next thing is to get to know you and your business! So call me or send me an email. We will have a good and honest conversation about your business and your goals. I will create offer specially for you and your needs. Then we can start our partnership. And I trust it will a be prosperous one. We can both benefit from my experience and knowledge.

My hourly rate is only 50 USD!

You won't find cheaper guy with so much of experience

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