SEO optimization cost

Are you afraid SEO is gonna cost you a lot of money? You don't have to. Keep reading to find out more.

SEO optimization cost 

You might have heard that SEO is gonna cost you a lot of money. And yes, it's true. But only if you're willing to hire an SEO agency. These guys know what they're doing (most of the time) but their hourly rate starts at 100 USD. No, I'm not kidding. And that's considered low in this business.

It's not that bad, there are alternatives

I have a good news. There are skilled great freelancers who have mastered the knowledge of SEO and they are willing to help you get more sales for much lower price. I am one of them. My hourly rate is 50 USD. Yes, you're gonna save at least 50% of money if you choose me. That's SEO optimization cost you can afford. Sounds good? Call me today and get a free consultation.

Why you should choose me?

I understand what your customers want. I understand how your customers think. I know what keywords they search for when they want to find the product or service you offer. I know SEO in and out. I can guarantee you will see return of investment in less than 3 months. OK, I might sound superhuman now. No, I ain't no SEO wizard. I'm just another excited digital marketer who loves to see your company suceed. I want to get you more sales. I want to increase your revenue. That's why you should hire me. Sounds fair? Call me today and get a free consultation.

So what about the SEO optimization cost

Let's talk business. You have a website. It can be company website or e-commerce store. I did both numerous times and had been successful. At first, you need SEO audit. I will take a look at your data and tell you where are weak spots. It usually takes up to 5 hours of my time to finish the audit and it costs about 250 USD. Then we will optimize the website according to my findings. It usually takes up to 10 hours of my time and it costs about 500 USD. After that we will monitor your SEO performance every month and keep working on website. I can improve content or create some backlinks for you. That's up to 5 hours of my time every month. It costs 250 USD. I usually recommend 6 months of cooperation, but I guarantee you will see return of your investment in less than 3 months.

Let's do some math to figure out that SEO optimization cost. 250 USD + 500 USD + (3x250 USD) = 1500 USD. You won't pay more than that. And even if your project is very challenging, I can get you at least 4500 USD in sales. How do I know that? It's ROAS 300%. And I usually do way better. I just don't want to sound too good to be true. Is ROAS 300% good result for you? Call me today and get a free consultation. I am sure we can find time in my schedule.

Get more sales with long term results

By now you should know that you can afford my services and that it will be a good business for you, because I can get you more sales with target at least ROAS 300%. What you might not know is that SEO has long term implications. Right now I can change the website and it will bring new customers every month for years. Of course you need to keep working on that website but I guess you get the picture. Long term results. That's why you want SEO. It's the second best thing in digital marketing. You wanna know what's the first one? Direct traffic!

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