UX / usability analysis

If you never heard about usability, you will probably have a big problem. Either it's a problem with getting conversions or with getting relevant traffic, you should blame everyone who was a part of team that made your website or store. Graphic designer, developer even that "smart guy" who gave them instructions.

You're not getting enough conversions? Campaigns are not having results you expected? So what to do about it? Well now you know you have a problem. That's the beginning. Now it's time to power up your analytical tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar and Google Search Console.

By thoroughly analyzing data from these tools you will understand where are the weak spots in your design and content. Changes will be suggested. Changes will be made. Then you can relaunch your campaigns and we will carefully watch first hundred visitors. They will show us if we were successful in improving your website and conversion rate.

See? You need someone who understands not only campaigns, but also usability / ux. Someone who has the whole digital marketing in his head. Someone who can clearly say where is the problem and what is the solution for that problem. No monkey business. Just straight talk.

Usability analysis and changes will have an impact on your conversion rate. It will get you more customers and increase your revenue. I once doubled customer orders in less than month. Even that is possible if you know what to do.

I would go as far as to say that before you even consider some SEO or PPC activities, you need usability analysis. You need to be sure your website is in good condition. You need to know that your potential customers understand it. That it's written well. That it sells.

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What I can do for you

I will analyze data from Google Analytics, Hotjar and Google Search Console
I will evaluate current state of things and identify weak spots
I will suggest changes of design / content. I can take care of these changes.

My hourly rate is only 50 USD!

You won't find cheaper guy with so much of experience

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