Traffic analysis

Data. Data is everything. Are you collecting it? Are you analyzing it? Making assumptions? Improving your digital marketing campaigns based on these assumptions? If not, you're missing a golden opportunity. And it's time to do something about it.

I will tell you a story. I acquired a client. He had a store. He never looked into his Google analytics account. His revenue was dropping hard, customer orders were slowly falling down to zero. I started analyzing data. Then I made couple of changes to websites based on those data. Result? 50% more customers. After he finally agreed to change old webdesign, we even doubled his orders in less than 1 month.

Lesson to learn? Analyze data. Always. Take your time. Read between lines. Feel the connections. And then you can make changes. You can change your website, you can change your campaigns. It doesn't matter. You can always improve anything you do. There's always more to do. And if you don't see what to do, you need fresh pair of eyes. You need a specialist.

I never actually understood why clients have so much problems with changes. I mean if data say your website / store sucks, then what else is there? Just kidding. Of course you have problems to change it! But once you see those data, once you understand them, it's logical to follow. You're a businessman. I'm a businessman. We're in this together. I don't blindly tell people what to do. I analyze data and suggest changes based on data.

Ať už prodáváte cokoliv a vaše webové stránky jsou v jakémkoliv stavu, je nezbytně nutné vědět, jak na ně reagují návštěvníci. Když měříte návštěvnost, máte přístup k armádě informací, pomocí kterých můžete zahájit válku o zákazníky. Můžete optimalizovat jednotlivé marketingové aktivity a zvyšovat konverzní poměry na webu.

Once you start listening, you will see positive results. There will be higher traffic from SEO and even from PPC. There will be more customers paying their hard earned money for your product or service. And bigger revenue. You will be even possible to retain customers. They're gonna eventually start liking your brand and come back for more. Sounds good?

I don't want to sound like smart ass. I'm not. But I worked on dozens of projects with various goals and I've seen a lot of smart people doing the same mistakes. I will do anything I can to always explain you why these mistakes must be avoided. At the end of the day, you want to be successful. I do. That's why I trust my guts. Always. 

Data is everything. If you don't read them, it's like driving a car with a blindfold.

I analyzed data for these clients:

What I can do for you

I will gather data from various analytical tools
I will suggest how to change your website and improve your campaigns
If needed, I will implement all changes in your campaigns

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