NFT marketing explained with all the shocking secrets

I have an actual experience with NFT marketing. I started in summer 2021. I sold out the Ethereum NFT collection of 4,999 PFPs in January 2022. I advised a few projects during the bear market of 2022. And I am currently working as CMO of the Ordinals project which will mint soon. I am responsible for everything happening on Twitter and Discord, leading a team of mods, and collab managers, helping the founder with his agenda, etc..

Many folks writing about NFT marketing don’t have actual experience. And they talk shit. How can you find out? It’s easy. They use a web1/web2 marketing mindset. And that’s why they will never be successful. You are not targeting the audience in web3. You’re building community. That’s so different, you need a different mindset to succeed.


NFT marketing is hard. I won’t lie about it. The skills you need are difficult to learn and you can never fall asleep, because web3 is a dynamic, fast-changing space with innovation happening almost daily. So if you’re not active on CT, you won’t make it. You need to stay updated. That’s the most important lesson I can give you about NFT marketing.


Do you want to be good at NFT marketing? Study projects. There are many servers for traders tracking new minting projects. Check their Twitter, check their Discord, study what they do, and how they do it, spot mistakes, and learn from everything you can.


I spent many hours studying new mints on Ethereum, Solana, and on Ordinals too. Yet I would never say I know everything. Nobody knows. We all are working in new field, trying new things, learning as we go, having fun, and making money.

NFT marketing is not a job. It’s a hobby and passion. Once you experience the drill of building a community and helping the community to grow, learn new things, and profit from mint and connections, you will fall in love and quickly forget about the old world of web1 and web2.

Do you want to know the biggest secret about NFT marketing? You need a good team. You need collab managers, you need community manager, you need Discord moderators… And to find good ones is incredibly hard because web3 is full of scammers and assholes. Learn HR skills, and study as much about hiring a good team as possible, it will be your biggest asset as an aspiring NFT founder.

Another secret about NFT marketing is that even a good team won’t save you if your product is not good. This is the holy grail for any marketing and I am sure you know about it. You need a good product. And how can you find out (I am sure you think you have it, but trust me, you’re not the right person to assess this) if you have a good product? Talk to Alpha callers. I always work with these guys, I have connections with them, and I rely on their sharp senses and logical skills. They will tell you everything that’s wrong, they will examine in detail each aspect of your project and let you know if you will make it or not. If you have problems, don’t worry, you can change the product to make it. Just be willing to listen to criticism. They know very well what’s going on.

Let’s assume you have a good product and you can put together a good team. Is that it? Is that everything? No. Poor execution, poor leadership, and inability to attend to details can destroy everything.


Even though advisors charge fees for this kind of information, I will spill the beans for free for you. So read carefully.

1) Don’t ever pay for promotion

Promoters are assholes. They bot the accounts and engagement, they charge horrendous fees for promotion, they are arrogant… and it’s not working anymore.

2) Don’t ever approach influencers or KOLs with messages like “How much for a tweet?”

That’s incredibly stupid and it won’t work. You want to build relationships with them. So explain the product and ask if they like it or not. If they do like it, make a proposal. And never force them to publish your prepared content. Let them create their own.

3) Security and paranoia are your best friends

People scam. People hack. That’s the everyday reality of web3. So you really want to do everything possible to make sure your Twitter profile and Discord server are safe. If you will lose it, you will lose community trust and it will be incredibly hard to get back on track. Things like 2FA and closing DMs on Discord are important. Make every team member obey this. And never open links outside of anon window of your browser. Anon window (if you have disabled add-ons such as wallets in anon window) is your best friend.

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